Shire Plants is a family-run, traditional plant nursery which aims to provide plants not typically available in standard garden centres, along with some traditional favourites and native plants. Our online shop lists hundreds of varieties and we place an emphasis on rare, unusual and heritage plants, so if you are looking for something a little different from the plants in your neighbour's garden, you've come to the right place. Our ranges of Violets and Old Fashioned Pinks (Dianthus) and Hardy Chrysanthemums are among the biggest available in the UK and we sell many other exciting plants too. All our plants can be purchased online for quick nationwide UK delivery.

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Featured Plants

Caught Our Eye This Week - Each week we feature a number of plants that have caught our eye. They feature in this category for no other reason than we notice them around the nursery and think they deserve to be planted more widely as they are so special or interesting. Click here for the list.

Featured Category: Plants Suitable For Cut Flowers
Bringing a bouquet of cut flowers in from the garden to display in the home is a very satisfying experience. Zero air miles! The process is easier than may be expected and you don't need a dedicated area of the garden, or any expert knowledge. Simply grow plants which are suitable amongst your other plants in the garden. To help, we have a category dedicated to plants which make excellent cut flowers. You can view the range here.

Plant Categories

The majority of our plants are grown by ourselves and we are adding to our range constantly, so watch this space! All of our plants can be ordered online for home delivery and are sold ready to plant in your garden, in 9cm pots, or bigger. You can read more about our ethos here or browse all our plants here.

All of our plants are lime-tolerant, fully hardy (survive winters in the UK) and perennial (come back year after year) unless otherwise specified in the description.

During the year we will be attending a number of Rare Plant Fairs where we will have a range of plants for sale. We can also bring orders for collection if required. Please click here for details.

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Our plants are sold established in 9 x 10cm pots unless otherwise specified. Unlike some nurseries, we do not sell 'plug plants' because they require ongoing care when you receive them. Our plants can be planted in your garden as soon as you receive them, or they can be left in their pots for several weeks until you are ready to plant them. If you have any questions about our plants, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help. There will be times when certain varieties are unavailable until the next batch has grown on. We are not technically 'organic' but we do not use pesticides and chemicals. We are fortunate enough to be situated in the countryside and we enjoy the environment and natural world that surrounds us, so we do what we reasonably can to protect it. You can read our environmental policy here.

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