Zaluzianskya ovata (night scented phlox)

Full Sun

Plant Details

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A fantastic plant for the patio or where you sit in the evening. During the day the flowers close to a lovely red hue and then as evening draws in the bright white flowers open to display their full glory and release a beautiful scent.

Aromatic, evergreen foliage that forms a dense, neat dome. The pink, match-head like buds remain closed during the heat of the day and then open wide to reveal the white upper parts of the flower and release the heady scent. 

Zaluzianskya ovata needs a good, rich soil that is Well-Drained in winter. Hardy down to about -5c.

Usually flowers from June to August but may also flower outside of this period. Cut back hard after flowering and you should be rewarded with a second flush of flowers.

Height and spread: 25cm (10in)

Zaluzianskya is named after Adam Zaluziansky von Zaluzian, a 16th-century Bohemian botanist.

Common name(s): Night Scented Phlox