Q: I've placed an order, when will I receive it?
A: We usually dispatch orders within 7 days. This can change during busy periods and we keep the delivery information page updated with any delays due to Bank Holidays and other busy times. You will know when your order is dispatched because we will send an email confirming that your order has been completed. Please check your spam folder if you are expecting an email from us and haven't seen it.
Q: Why haven't I received a confirmation email after placing my order?
A: The most common reason is that the email has gone into your spam folder. Please check there. The other reason is usually a typo in the email address you entered. Feel free to drop us an email and we will check.
Q: Can you let me know when a certain plant becomes available again?
A: Please enter your email address in the 'Notify me' box on the relevant out of stock plant page and you will be sent an email automatically when they are next available. If you are looking for a lot of plants which are currently unavailable, feel free to email us. Please be aware that some plants are very popular and the alert can sometimes be sent to a great many people, which can lead to a plant selling out again very quickly.
Q: Can I pre-order plants?
A: Please click here for the answer to this question, as it is fairly long.
Q: Can you send me a printed catalogue?
A: Unfortunately we do not print a catalogue. All of our plants are detailed on our website.
Q: I've received my order but one or more plants are missing.
A: Very occasionally we cannot supply a plant. Please read the information enclosed in your parcel. There is both an information letter and a packing note which will explain the reason. You will have been issued with a refund unless you specified that you were happy to receive substitutes. If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us.
Q: What size pots are the plants in / How many plants does the price include?
A: Unless otherwise specified, all our plants are supplied in at least 9x9x10cm pots. Plants in this size pot establish quickly in the garden and often outpace plants planted in bigger pots at the same time. Our potted plants can be planted immediately, unless otherwise noted, or you can leave them in their pots until you are ready to plant. You are buying one plant in one pot for the price advertised, not plugs and not strips.
Q: Do you sell seeds / plug plants?
A: We do not sell 'plug plants' because those need to be grown on before planting. At this time we do not sell seeds, although this is something we may do in the future.
Q: Can you deliver overseas / To Northern Ireland?
A: Due to the limitations of courier insurance, customs requirements and other complexities, we do not ship overseas. Unfortunately, since Brexit, we can no longer send plants to Northern Ireland. You can read why here.
Q: Do your prices include VAT?
A: Yes, VAT at 20% is included in the prices displayed. You will receive a VAT receipt by email when you place an order.
Q: Can you delay sending my order?
A: Yes, provided you put a note in the comments box of your order, or email us shortly after placing your order. We can delay sending for up to 3 weeks. If you have requirements outside of these timescales, please contact us before ordering to discuss.
Q: Do you offer a trade discount?
A: We do not offer a trade discount, but we are happy to consider a discount to anyone placing an order over £350.
Q: What is the 'UK Plant Passport' which is printed on your plant labels/packing slip?
A: Since 2020, anyone selling plants which are transported, must, by law be registered with APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) and be authorised by them to issue plant passports. This is for any plants posted/shipped from/to anywhere within the UK. If you ever receive plants from anyone without a plant passport (this includes anyone selling plants on eBay etc), you should be very concerned and report it to APHA. This government department is responsible for the tracking and control of plant diseases which, as we have seen recently with Ash Die Back Disease, can devastate our gardens, countryside and wildlife. As an authorised 'authority' to issue passports, our nursery is subject to regular inspections (which we have to pay for), by APHA. Plant Passports may be printed on individual plant labels OR enclosed information, or both. Plant Passports do NOT mean that the plants have been imported!
Q:) What Payments do you accept?
A: We do accept payment by card, or through Google Pay or Amazon Pay or PayPal. You are also welcome to pay over the phone or via Bank Transfer (please contact us for details).
If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to drop us an email.

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