We receive a lot of compliments on our packaging and the safe delivery of our plants. We have invested a lot of time in perfecting our packing system, and while we're always looking for ways to improve, we rarely have any problems with damage in transport.

The plants we sell online are exactly the same as you would buy if you visited the nursery - we don't grow small plants or plug-plants for mail order.


The vast majority of our plants are packed, in their pots, in plastic clam packs. These packs are made from recycled plastic (PET1) which would otherwise have been burned or buried and can be recycled again in council curb-side recycling schemes across the country. Occasionally we also use newspaper to wrap single plants. Where we can (for example with plants with small foliage, or in winter when dormant), we save more plastic and use the same type of clam packs as above, but without the extra foliage space.

We have different sizes of cardboard boxes made for us (from recycled board), which are designed to take various multiples of the plastic packaging, to allow for all sizes of order.


Most of our parcels are sent via a 24 hour, overnight courier and usually arrive the day after the courier collects them from the nursery. However, the plastic clam packs enable the plants to survive much longer than this, in case of any delay.

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