Geum rivale 'Album'

Full Shade
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Most Types
Soil Type:

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Plant Details

Clumps of rounded, lobed leaves with tall grey-green stems. Nodding bell shaped pale green-white flowers. Flowering April, May and June. Shade or part shade in moist soil.

Native British perennial wildflower. Suitable for bog gardens, edge of ponds, cottage gardens.

Height: 30cm

Geums have long been cultivated, Our native wood avens, Geum urbanum, being a stalwart of medieval herbalists.

The name of the Genus  'Geum' derives from the Greek 'geno' = to yield a pleasant odour or alternatively from the Greek 'geyo' = to stimulate. This refers to the pleasant clove-like aroma that comes from the freshly dug up roots of wood avens. As a result of this, roots were used to flavour Ausburg Ale and to make cordials against the plague.

Common name(s): River Avens; Cock and Hens; Granny's Nightcap; Fairies' Bath; Billy's Button; London Basket; Nodding Avens

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