Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' (Bronze Fennel)

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Plant Overview

A handsome and sturdy herb with new shoots of copper feathered foliage, deepening to rich bronze. The leaves and seeds are edible and taste of aniseed. Large umbels of small yellow flowers in July and August.

Great for the herb bed but also works well in a mixed border, where it is an ideal foil for bright colours and adds a different texture/form. Popular with garden designers and often seen at Chelsea Flower Show - despite this, it is actually easy to grow in normal gardens!

The fronds make an attractive addition to flower arrangements.

Height and spread: 1.8m x 1m

Fennel is mentioned in Anglo-Saxon herbals where it is said to restore lost eyesight, to aid slimming and to guard against unseen evil. These days chefs pair it with fish and use the seeds in pickles. Can also be used as a tea.

Common names: Bronze Fennel, Sweet Anise, Sweet Fennel



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