Centaurea nigra (Black Knapweed)

Full Sun
Soil Type:
Most Types

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Plant Overview

A British native of clay soils and meadows. Black buds opening to deep pink blooms in summer.

A tough, attractive, and easily grown hardy perennial native flower. It's a superb wildlife plant as the flowers are rich in nectar and pollen, and attract bees, butterflies, and moths, while the seed heads are popular with seed-eating birds such as goldfinches.

Grow in a wildflower meadow or wildlife area or in a bed or border.

Traditionally, eligible young women would play a love-divination game by pulling out the rays and putting the plucked knapweed flower in their blouse. When as-yet unopened florets began to bloom it would tell her the man of her dreams was near. The flower was also used to heal cuts and bruises. 

Height and Spread: 50cm x 30cm.

Common names: Common Knapweed; Black Knapweed; Chimney Sweep's Brushes; Bull Thistle; Drummer Heads; Shaving Brush; Hardheads.







Photo: Xemenendura, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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