Rare Strawberry Dates from the 1500's

8th Feb 2024

Rare Strawberry Dates from the 1500's

The latest addition to our catalogue is a very interesting strawberry which was first recorded in ‘Gerard’s Herball in 1597 but then disappeared from all record. The flowers are not white, as most strawberries are, but green. The fruits also appear green from a distance, although the ripe fruit is red below soft green 'spines', which cover the fruit.

In 1627 it was re-discovered by the plantsman John Tradescant being thrown away in a Plymouth garden and it gained the name Plymouth Strawberry. In the early 1900s, renowned gardener E.A. Bowles included the plant as a star attraction in an area of the garden named the 'Lunatic Asylum', which included many other strange and interesting plants.

Fragaria vesca 'Muricata' is worth growing as a talking point and may liven up a fruit salad!