Viola sororia 'Albiflora'

Full Shade
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Moist But Well-Drained

Plant Details

Viola sororia 'Albiflora' variety has remarkable ornamental qualities for which it gained an Award of Garden Merit in 2002

Masses of large white blooms in April and May. Heart-shaped leaves create a green carpet of foliage beneath these stunning blooms. Self seeding so will spread nicely if allowed.

Grows well in semi-shade or Full Shade with free draining, fertile soil.

Height: 15cm

Viola sororia is an eastern Northern America native. In Canada, one can find it in all provinces, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, and in the Northwest Territory. Natural habitats include moist to mesic black soil prairies, open woodlands, woodland edges, savannas, and wooded slopes along rivers or lakes. In developed areas, it can be found in lawns, city parks, moist waste areas, and along hedges or buildings. The widespread blue species is the state flower of Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

Common name(s): Confederate Violet