Salix x sepulcralis 'Dart's Snake' (Dart's Snake Willow)

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Plant Details

Contorted willow with twisted black stems and bluish-green leaves. Yellow-golden catkins in spring. This can be grown as a shrub by annual pruning or grown into a small conical tree. Excellent winter interest.  

Cut stems work well in arrangements.

The Willow family. Attractive trees and shrubs, valuable for their colourful bark, elegant, often silvery leaves and decorative catkins in early spring. Salix vary widely in height, although even the tallest may be kept to a manageable size by pollarding or coppicing them in spring, after the catkin display. 

Willows enjoy a heavy soil but will grow in light soil if moist.

Height: 25' but can be kept to required height with annual pruning.

Common name(s):  Dart's Snake Willow; Contorted Willow

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