Physostegia virginiana 'Crown of Snow'

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Full Sun
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Plant Details

Two-lipped, snapdragon-like, pure white flowers in upright spikes from June to September.

Called obedient plants because each individual flower will, upon being pushed in any one direction, temporarily remain in the new position as if it were hinged.

Native to North America where it is commonly found in a variety of habitats including open meadows, prairies, stream banks, gravel bars, wooded bluff bases and railroad tracks.

The Genus name comes from the Greek words physa meaning bladder and stege meaning covering in reference to the calyces which inflate as they develop. 

Height and Spread: 90cm x 45cm

Common name(s): Obedient plant, Accommodation flower, Lady of the lake, Toads mouth, False Dragonshead

Synonym: Physostegia virginiana 'Schneekrone'

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