Malva moschata alba (White Musk Mallow)

Full Sun
Soil Type:
Most Types

Plant Details

Pure white flowers contrast beautifully with the ferny foliage. 

The petals are textured like crepe, with a soft sheen resembling vinyl silk emulsion and the foliage is finely lobed and possesses the elegance of some ferns. 
In the centre of each flower there's a tall stigma surrounded by a raised collar of stamens. This arrangement, slightly similar to hibiscus, leaves the nectar-rich base of the flower wide open to bees.

A cottage garden classic but less frequently grown than the more usual pink version.

A very easily grown plant, carefree and requiring no maintenance, the plant will succeed in ordinary garden soil, though it prefers a reasonably well-drained and moderately fertile soil.

Flowers: June-Sept

Height and spread: 90cm

Common name(s): White Musk Mallow