Lythrum virgatum 'Rosy Gem' (Purple loosestrife)

Full Sun
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Moist But Well-Drained
Soil Type:

See full plant description below.

Plant Details

Striking rosy-pink spikes of flowers throughout the summer. Very easy to grow and very self-sufficient.

Loved by bees and butterflies. Works well in pond or stream margins as it enjoys moist soil but it really will grow anywhere, hence one of it's common names 'Bomb-site Plant'.

Height: 1m

The native Purple Loosestrife seeds itself freely on clear soil, but the hybrids such as Rosy Gem are much more civilised. 

Syn: Lythrum salicaria 'Rosy Gem'

Common name(s): Purple loosestrife, Bomb-Site Plant, Red Sally, Grass Polly

Myth and Legend:

Loosestrife is supposed to literally remove strife and ill feeling from those who come into contact with it. Therefore, if you have had an argument with a friend and wish to mend fences, send them some loosestrife. It will dispense peaceful vibrations and remove negativity so that your quarrel will soon be over. It is said to sooth savage beasts and so might be given to difficult horses or oxen which were to be used for drawing ploughs. In addition, it was supposedly good for deterring flies and gnats.

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