Erysimum scoparium

Full Sun
Soil Type:
Mainly dry

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Plant Details

An excellent perennial wallflower. Forms a woody bush carrying long stems of multicoloured flowers. Dark purple buds open creamy-yellow flowers feathered with mauve, each flower becoming entirely mauve with age. Flowers for months, spring into summer.

This variety comes from the Canary Islands. It is fully hardy. At home with summer drought and poor, very sunny, well drained, alkaline soil, it will none the less grow quite happily in all but the wettest, shadiest sites.

Loved by bees. 

Height and spread: 60cm x 60cm

Erysimum are fast growing and happy in any sunny spot, provided the soil isn't boggy. They tolerate very dry soil once they are established.

Common name(s): Perennial Wallflower, Teide Wallflower

Myth and Legend

In the 12th century, Troubadours would wear a sprig of wallflower to signify that their love survive time and misfortune. It is said that this is as a result of seeing the plant growing on the ruins of fallen towers, the rather romantic image of beauty and fragrance amonst desolation.

In Palestine, the wallflower is known as the 'blood drops of Christ'. It was introduced to Britain some 300 years ago, although some sources claim that it was originally introduced by the Romans.

Dreaming of wallflowers is said to be a sign to those in love that their sweetheart will be true to them.

Picture: Tristras wiki assumed (based on copyright claims). [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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