Erysimum hybridum 'Canaries Yellow'

Full Sun
Soil Type:
Mainly dry
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Plant Overview

An alpine perennial wallflower which is covered in golden-yellow flowers in spring and through summer. Perfect for a rockery, container or front of border. 

Will self-seed if seed heads are left on.

Native to the eastern Mediterranean, Erysimum cheiri may have come to Britain with Norman stonemasons. Alternatively, it has been suggested that it could have come to Britain with returning crusaders in medieval times. It's often now seen growing in the walls of ruined castles. 

This is the original ‘English Wallflower’ from which many cultivars have been bred.

Height x Spread: 25cm x 35cm

Myth and Legend

In the 12th century, Troubadours would wear a sprig of wallflower to signify that their love survive time and misfortune. It is said that this is as a result of seeing the plant growing on the ruins of fallen towers, the rather romantic image of beauty and fragrance amongst desolation.

In Palestine, the wallflower is known as the 'blood drops of Christ'. It was introduced to Britain some 300 years ago, although some sources claim that it was originally introduced by the Romans.

Dreaming of wallflowers is said to be a sign to those in love that their sweetheart will be true to them.

Common name(s): Perennial Wallflower, Blister Cress, Hedge Mustard.

May be supplied in a 7cm or 9cm pot.




Photo courtesy of The Hardy Plant Society

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