Darmera peltata

Full Sun
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Wet / Boggy
Soil Type:
Most Types

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Plant Overview

An exotic looking, spectacular plant that brings to mind Wyndham's 'The Day of the Triffids'. Unusual as the flowers emerge on tall, naked stems, before the leaves appear. Later, the plant rewards again as the foliage turns pinky-purple in autumn.

Pale-pink flowers top eye-catching stems from March to June. The foliage follows, getting bigger each day, eventually forming large, cup-shaped leaves that lend a tropical feel to the garden. 

Found on the banks of woodland streams in Western USA, Darmera likes wet soil so it works well next to a stream or pond margin. However, in the wetter UK climate, it is happy in any soil that doesn't dry out for too long a period.

Height and Spread: 1m x 1m

Common name(s): Indian Rhubarb, Big Cups, Umbrella Plant

Picture 1: User:Jasper33 [Public domain]

Picture 2 & 3 courtesy of The Hardy Plant Society

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