Clematis viticella 'Huldine'

Full Sun
Soil Type:
Most Types
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Plant Overview

A lovely old variety of Clematis. Raised in the early 1900's by French botanist Francisque Morel and introduced into the UK by Gravetye Manor's then head gardener Ernest Markham in 1934.

Masses of beautiful creamy white flowers from July to October. Vigorous and easy to grow.

Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Grow against a wall or through trees and shrubs in a sunny spot. Reaches approximately 15'.

From International Clematis Society: "There are several late-blooming clematis with flowers whose undersides add noticeably to their ornamental effect -- 'Star of India' and 'Lilacina Floribunda' come readily to mind -- but there is probably no clematis better loved for this unusual feature than C. 'Huldine.' Its midsized flowers, with their six gracefully arching tepals and creamy center, are nearly always described as pearly white, and so they appear against a dark background. But they are translucent as well, and this gives them what might be described as their one-two punch. Plant the vine where the bloom can be seen at least sometimes with the sun behind it, and the flower shows off its right cross, the track of mauve at every midrib. There must be very few garden books that mention 'Huldine' and fail to point this out."

Height: 15ft

Common name(s): Clematis






Photo: Cephas, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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