Achillea ageratum (English Mace)

Full Sun
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Moist But Well-Drained
Soil Type:

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Plant Details

A pretty herb for the garden or a patio pot. It is a hardy perennial with serrated aromatic leaves and cream flowers in clusters throughout the summer and into autumn. Not to be confused with the spice called mace, which is the outer husk of the nutmeg.

Can be used in many dishes, such as soups, rice, pasta or salads. 

A good plant to grow for pollinators.

The flowers work well in dried arrangements.

The yarrow family has been valued as garden plants for centuries and are useful for their wide range of colour and long flowering season. Most are excellent for cutting and drying and all are loved by bees and butterflies. It is also a staple of wildflower meadows and plantings. Over the centuries, yarrow has been used to make snuff and in the Middle Ages, combined to form Gruit, a mixture of yarrow and other herbs to flavour beers before the use of hops.

There is some argument as to whether this plant is native to Britain, or simply naturalised.

Height & Spread: 45cm x 30cm

Common name(s): Sweet yarrow; Sweet-Nancy; English mace; Sweet maudlin.


Photo courtesy of The Hardy Plant Society

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