Rehmannia piasezkii (Chinese foxglove)

Full Shade
Full Sun
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Most Types

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Plant Details

This very rare, absolutely magnificent new foxglove relative, only recently introduced from China, has glossy scalloped leaves and graceful upright flower stems, heavy with nodding, darker-throated, deep rose, bell-like flowers, resembling huge flared foxgloves. This incredible new perennial, which will even do well in shady gardens, is a very long-lasting, prolific bloomer, plants continuing to send up new spikes of these lovely bells for up to four months. 

Hardy to about -8 in well-drained soil.

The common name of perennial flower Rehmannia is Chinese Foxgloves because the tubular flowers bear a resemblance to our native foxglove, but unlike traditional foxgloves, Chinese foxglove petals of the bell lip flare open and outward.

Common name(s): Chinese Foxglove

Height: 60cm

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