Primula vulgaris (True Wild Primrose) - Bareroot [Free Shipping]

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Bareroot - available in winter months only. Postage is free unless you order other plants too.

Unlike most of our plants (which are potted), we are able to offer Primrose bareroot at a reduced price.

Bareroot means that the plant has been dug out of the ground and is not growing in a pot. They will arrive wrapped in newspaper and will need to be planted straight away. If you prefer, you can order this plant in a pot


This is the true English Primrose. Not to be confused with the cultivated varieties of primrose available, this is the native version found in hedgerows and woods across the country.

Fresh, delicate scent, and pale lemon flowers, which were traditionally crystallised at Easter time.

Most 'primroses' sold by garden centres are hybrids. This is the true English 'common' primrose. Now sadly not as common as it once was. Fully hardy and a joy as it's among the first colour of the year. Of great benefit to pollinators on sunny spring days when little else is available to them.

In some regions of Britain they are used as one of many ancient woodland indicator species.

Despite not belonging to the rose family, the name Primrose is thought to derive from the Latin for 'first' (prima) 'rose' (rosa).

Height: 6"

Common name(s): Primrose

Picture:  Pokrajac assumed (based on copyright claims). [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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