Digitalis parviflora (Foxglove)

Full Shade
Light/Partial Shade
Soil Type:
Moist But Well-Drained

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Plant Details

A compact foxglove, that produces rich orange-brown flowers, each with a purple-brown lip, on densely-packed, robust stems in early summer. The basal rosette of foliage is a glossy and dark green, and provides a wonderful backdrop for the flowers. An unusual and exotic-looking cultivar, that is easy to grow.

Around 2 feet tall so shorter than most foxgloves.

Flowers from May to July

Does best in light shade.

Height: 60cm


Bee Catchers, Dead Men's Thimbles, Fairy Bells, Fairy Fingers or, the most common name, Foxgloves. Traditionally associated with magic, fox gloves were supposedly given to the fox by fairies so he could creep silently into the chicken run. The leaves of the Digitalis family are poisonous, since they contain digitalin, a potent drug which slows the heartbeat and is still used medicinally.  

Common name(s): Foxglove

Picture courtesy of The Hardy Plant Society

Poisonous if eaten.

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