Dianthus 'Marmion' (Malmaison Carnation)

Full Sun
Soil Type:
Mainly dry
Soil Type:
Moist But Well-Drained
Dates From:
19th Century

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Plant Details

Marmion is one of the Malmaison Carnations. Many were bred bred from a seedling from the now obscure Tree Carnation in the 1800's and they were very popular for their large flowers and heady scent, but sadly most have now been lost to cultivation. Malmaison Carnations are said to be tender, but it has been grown in Buckinghamshire down to -10c without problems. It can be grown in a pot and brought into a coldframe or unheated greenhouse in bad winters. They are not as easy as other 'pinks' but well worth the effort.

Marmion has pure pink double flowers and a wonderful scent. Makes an excellent cut flower.

Height: 35cm

Common name(s): Malmaison Carnation

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