Pinks available now

13th Aug 2020

Pinks available now

Dianthus, Old Fashioned Pinks, Gillyflowers - whatever you call them, there's nothing like the scent of them in the garden, and many are good for the vase too. Here are just a few that are available to buy on the website now.

'Bridal Veil' - Very strong scent. Grown since the 17th century and has always been very popular.

'Earl of Essex' - From the 19th century comes this double rose pink scented Dianthus.

'Fettes Mount' - One of the Mule pinks thought to date from the 1800's.

'Gingham Gown' - Large heads of red and pink in a typical gingham pattern. Very reliable with a strong scent.

'Little Ben' - Thought to have been raised by J. Galbally in 1992 and now very rare.

'Old Velvet' - Named by Miss Stangman and Miss Davenport-Jones of Washfield nursery in the 80's but known to be a lot older, although its original name has been lost.

'Queen of Sheba' - A very old single pink dating from the 17th century with a gorgeous scent.

'Queen of Hearts' - One of the heaviest flowering pinks we know. Good scent too.

'Rose de Mai' - A vigorous and fast growing pink dating from the 19th century, with soft pink double blooms which are one of the first to bloom and long-flowering.

'Whatfield Cancan' - one of the Whatfield series of alpine pinks bred by Mrs J. Scholfield of Whatfield, near Ipswich. Good for a rockery.

We have well over a hundred different old Pinks but to view all our pinks, click this link (tip, use the 'in stock' filter to view only those available now):