Interesting Mints

30th Aug 2020

Interesting Mints

After Eight Chocolate mint, anyone?

"The savor or smell of the Mint rejoyceth the heart of man, for which cause they use it to strew in chambers and places of recreation, pleasure and repose, and where feasts and banquets are made." - Gerard's Herbal 1636.

Mint plants are perfect for the herb garden or a pot near the kitchen door. Their leaves can be used for hot teas and iced drinks and in many savoury and sweet dishes and when positioned next to a path, will release their wonderful scent as you brush past them.

Our mint selection includes Banana Mint (yes it really does smell of banana), Lime Mint, After Eight Chocolate Mint, Basil Mint and Apple Mint.

Full details of each mint here:

Photo:  User:Sunnysingh22 / CC BY-SA