A workhouse 'pink'

10th Aug 2019

A workhouse 'pink'

Danthus 'Brympton Red' is a beautiful pink and one that we can trace back to its humble origins, growing in a workhouse garden. It was spotted in the Beaminster workhouse garden by Lady Lilian Digby of Lewcombe and she passed cuttings to Mrs Clive of Brympton D'Evercy (Brympton House). Mrs Clive later passed it to famed English gardener, Margery Fish and it became widely available. In recent times it has become harder to find listed in nursery catalogues but we're very pleased to now be able to offer it in our list.

It has large, single flowers with rounded overlapping petals of rich red and pinky-purple with a wide chesnut-red-brown zone and lacing. The photograph really doesn't do it justice as the colours are much more vibrant 'in real life'. They have the added bonus of being clove scented too.

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